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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Countdown to N. Upi

Two more weeks and the climb is up to North Upi. It has been a year since my last visit at the nearest highlands. Its a 31 km of climb from our place. Its a long climb for a single speed chain wheel.

The last time we had a climb it was rough and muddy trail, but since there is a on going road development, there will be a lot of changes on the road up. Hmmm.... What would it be???

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kamikazee at Bisikleta

Bisikleta has new apparel hanged at the store. And one of these items that I love most, is the Kamikazee RTWs. I loved this brand especially the shorts. I have one that I've been using since I started with mountainbiking. Kamikazee apparels are durable and stylish yet not as expensive as other imported brands available at the local bike shops. Pretty cool and comfy for a medium budget biker like me!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Point 16Km.

Last Saturday night, bedroom is the best haven on the face of the planet. With a cool wind and a sweet rain the pours with the darkness of the night, just like singing a lullaby for a sleeping biker. But such sweetness did not stop me and Zagatrix to go for another warm-up trail ride by the dawn. And I am hoping this Sunday ride will be a permanent weekend ride so as not to loose air for so much comfort on sleeping!

And because it rained the night before, we have this rigs dressed up with mud. Luckily the on-going local road development program helped to keep the mud at a very minimal amount.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Gateway Arch to....

This morning we went back to the usual weekend trail and this time we had a successful roll into kilometer 15, as we slowly climb the steep hill construction is under development, the drainage system and pavements are under renovation and this time for good. All the way to the target checkpoint is so dusty as heavy equipment are climbing and descending for supplies for the on-going construction.

We head on to the old trail were we use to cruise before with Zagatrix's DH rig, and this spot caught our eyes and photo interest! A man made arch, a result of previous quarrying that somehow looks like a tourist spot! ^^ And we had fun taking pictures of us on it (although I'm afraid of heights).

Tour de Mindanao

I was informed of the Mindanao Tour last week, but unfortunately I forgot about it and never had the chance to watch the riders pass by the nearest hi-way. But luckily Zagatrix manage to take a few photos because he was a bit late and taken the last four shots at the tail of the cruising two wheels.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Mountainbiker Pet Lover

After the extraction we had a debrief at Zagatrix's hide out and took a couple zip of hot choco milk twined with hot pandesal.

While having fun talking about the later ride that turned into puking contest, this rider had fun taking post in front of the camera with the pussy cat meow!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Partners in Puke

Early morning last Sunday we had the usual Sunday ride morning, a bit different that time because all was just a series of warm up after months of no peddling. This is the second trail ride and our target was a 15km non-stop.

Sad and happily to say we had our first stop after 2km due to the following reasons:

1. Yop and and Zagatrixx made their sitting position beside the highway and did their first puke! Nyahahaha!

2. Because a battle of Gin still lodge in their heads!

I was ahead of a few hundred meters and took the position at the checkpoint shed! watching how the two drunkards traverse the climb at a distant! ^^

There's the other one....

And here's the other one, still strong and kicking!

And the ending we only had about 5km of trail ride that day as the two riders requested for evac.... ^^