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Friday, July 17, 2009

Wired Waiver Time Out

Visit WaiverWire to get to know about the latest and the most comprehensive source for fantasy football rankings and other more source for drafting software, news stats and more of analysis that will help you to win your fantasy league.

For just $9.99 for the entire 2009 season, here’s what you will get:

1. Real time football player alters via Email, Text and to their Waiver Wire profile page (fast, up to the minute)
2. Player Injury Alerts
3. Player News and Updates
4. Expert fantasy football analysis for every alert telling them the impact on a fantasy team/league, potential replacements, etc.
5. All filtered to a specific “player focus list” that the user creates so they aren’t overloaded with news they don’t need
6. Alerts and fantasy football analysis is provided by both RotoWire and TSN Fantasy Player News (double coverage to ensure nothing is missed)
7. They also have over 100 feeds from local beat writers if you want team specific news on your personalized profile page.

And here's more out of it. . . .

1. Strength of Schedule Rankings
2. Points Allowed by Position
3. Player Projections
4. Player Comparisons
5. Access to Waiver Wire’s Fantasy Social Network
6. Cheat sheets
7. Red zone stats
8. Depth charts
9. Community forum
10.Guru challenge game

And many more inside the box one whole season package. . . .


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Darcy Turenne of Norco

The other day Zagatrixx and I were surfing the net at the command center for new DH and Freeride Frames, when we came across this video of a female freerider. Wow she's so Darncy Cute, take a pause at the focus and stare to a beauty in a goggle and on a two wheel pedaled machine!

Wow! She's awesomely beautiful! If ever it would come to point of meeting her in my entire biking life and she will challenge me to a race, it would give me a head and heart ache. Why? It would break my heart to see such beauty eats my dust! :D, but frankly coding, I can't even imagine if I could overrun such Vixen, just look at her video! Yeah dude I'm an amateur. Nevertheless, it wouldn't be a sad defeat at all, cruising with such image of art on two wheels is already a pleasure and more than winning a race! Mwaaah!