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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Diverted Trip - The Spots

This is me, the author. Still full of energy after a splash of 6 liters of Red Horse beer from last night's good time with friends from the real world.

We made it here at Kushiong two wheels and two legs, it took us a about 50 minutes to arrive here. A bit slow compared to 45 minutes a month ago where I was still in good condition with biking due to a maintained trail rides.

Upon arrival I took most of the time taking pictures of the spots. Something to immortalize and to share to my valued readers and friends who can't be in this place.

A thing with this baby, she loves to play in the sand that she cries when mommy takes her off from the sand that I guess tickles her feet!

And here's the look of the dizzy rider preparing for way back home! Dizzy??? I thought I'm gonna get last night's hallucination from the beer on the beach, luckily I got stumbled over 3 cases of a liter beer with the same tag of color and puff, Welcome to Hell Aerrox!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Road Trip to Parang

Sir Paduit ask me yesterday to go with the medical team for a Mountain bike road trip to Parang on Saturday, so this afternoon I grab on my bars for a li'l warm up, climbing up the hills is a good practice for a longer stamina and endurance.

I decided to trail up the winding road going to North Upi as the climb there is long and heavy. Upon reaching the destination, strong cold wind was rushing through the air, a storm was at the horizon. It didnt push me back home, instead I was eager to test my new oils seals under the rain!

The warm up today was not good because of the strong wind, it made me decide to finish the ride after an hour! But the test was a success, the oil seals were working excellent, I can't feel any resistance with the suspension as per expereince before with the original seals of the fork under heavy rain!

Tomorrow I'm goin for another ride maybe at the opposite direction, still climbing trail but tougher because of the rough terrain!

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Trail from North Upi

This is the trail I use to ride down from the upland North Upi, As time pass by the road gets worst and best for a very challenging rough long way down! I still consider this trail best for newbies and are looking for a not so tricky trail. The challenging part of the trail are the shaking rocks and holes, not much jumps or humps just speed and shaking and splashing (Rain here is very usual )!

I promise you guys I'm gonna buy a very good camera for a very good photos!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Dissecting Aerox's RockShox Pt. 2

Here is Aerox lyin' at my now so good work place. Ready to get dismantled for a new oil and dust seal
This is the stanchions as you can see the dripping fork oil is contaminated with water due to the damage seals.
This is the slider, hanging to to get those dirty oil out and drained.
These are the new pairs of dust and oil seal I bought from real world cycling. This part caused $18 but it cost me $44 dollars because of the shipping rate from U.S. to Philippines.
This the cleaned slider with the new oil seal in it. The dust seal is ready for the insertion.
This is how it looks like after the operation! Aerox is once again ready for wet and wild rides even at the heaviest rain fall and water torture!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dissecting Aerrox

Yesterday Mayor received a text message at her cellphone from her friend at the post office, that a package from US has arrived for me. I was expecting a package from a certain online bicycle store from the U.S., it's an oil seal for my suspension fork. And today I'm gonna dissect the fork the change the oil seals so as to prevent anymore oil leaks during trail rides and to further lengthen the life of this expensive piece of technology at my two wheeled inorganic pal! be continued

Sunday, September 14, 2008

My NEw Valve cap


After Recovering Aerox I found out that the valve cap was missing, so I scoured into my toolbox for some saved valve caps and I found this pare of silver colored nut types! The rocket designed caps were my favorite and as well as the color. But for I have to use this pair of caps because I have no choice at all and it's the only pair that i found in the toolbox T_T

Friday, September 12, 2008

The Gathering of Storms Part 2

Me, The Mayor, My Brother and 4 policemen went to the subjects house. The subjects were surprised and they were not expecting us. The best part was the negotiation went through smoothly and after a while were able to retrieve my bike without any form of violence!

The was no case filed due to agreement and some cultural reasons that might the case a li'l worse than losing a 5ok wheel!

I said they shall pay for their insolence! One by one my friend contacted me regarding the address and name and other relevant information about the criminal! They wanted to nail him and put all those who he victimized to justice!

The last information I have about the criminal was, he made a migration to the nearest city where they have relatives. He may have escape his judgment today but it's not over yet!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Gathering fo Storms pt. 1

I was early in the morning when me and my brother where busy linking to friends and people around the village to gather information about the whereabouts of my

We made a li'l flashback of the events last night, listing peoples who came that time and made a li'l background investigation. One name came up on the list who was new at the place and was rated as a drug dependent and a robber!

Many people pointed this guy to be a topnotch robber and a drug dependent. Furthermore investigation lead us to a positive where about of the bike and suspect. Those people where right, it was positive that the guy named Dats Abdul was responsible for stealing my bike.

At about mid-day yesterday, we gathered information and instructions to how to retrieve my bike. We went to the police station and asked necessary assistance. The police where asking few questions and arranging plans on how to get to the subject.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Memories of Aerrox

This was the last top tube photo of my mountain bike....

....and this one was the last whole body photo of Aerox at Kushiong Beach
This one is the only latest photo I had of my favorite inorganic pal!

And that is all that I have now, all those sweet excitement from wet rides at trails around the village, all those bitterness of crashes that I endured that somehow I found a thrill! All those future plans and rides at favorite and uncovered trails and terrains....all those comfort....all those adrenalin pumping....all of those....all of it will eventually be a memory from here till then....

It took me a year too let you stood the ground! It took me another year to make you almost perfect! Sigh....She was stolen last night, and I can't stop myself from thinking about it. I feel so depressed losing something I treasured as a friend! Lifeless she may seem to be. But she's the only one who thought me that pain is merciless! Sigh.....sob....sob....sob....

They shall pay for their insolence!!! ....

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Sunday, September 7, 2008

My New Roller Chain

This is my newly Installed Shimano Dura Ace Roller Chain. Still shiny and scratch free!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

I never expected for this one. My mountain biking blog was featured at Socialspark! ^-^. I took a screenshot of it here and made a li'l sketchy lines about it! ^-^ weeeeeeeee

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Aging Dura Ace Chain

My Dura Ace Roller Chain is about to give up! The last time I and the technician checked these chains with a gauge, he told me "It will take only about two weeks of continuous use for these chains to work fine"

I've been using these chains for more than 9 months! This set of roller chain is expensive, but it has served me of hundreds of kilometers of trail and cross country ride without any problem. Right now I'm saving to buy a new one with the same specification. This shimano roller chain is really the best!