Grab Your Bars

My Mountain Biking Hobby is my Back Door and Entrance for Unexpressed Emotions and Uncontrolled Feelings for Seeking Thrill and Because Mountain Biking Takes me to a Place Something Unusual of the Real World!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Coffee Break

It was already 12 noon when I woke up and it was a bit dizzy of over sleeping from a tiresome sleepless waiting for my internet connection to be back online after a fiber optics breakdown about 30 kilometers from my location.

After having my launch I was a bit bored while looking at the dark gray sky, I decided to grab my mountain bike handle bar and take a li'l cruise around the village and to test the feel of my full face helmet. It was awkward at first since I'm wasn't use to wear such helm.

But since the feel was good I got use to it after 30 minutes of run around the village. I think I'm gonna switch for this one everytime I'm going for a rough run on the quarry and around the river and creek.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Another Spoiled Sunday

It was already five in the morning when I got a grab of my pillow to sleep and just after two hours of daydreaming, codename Lagum came and knocking at my door with heavy arms in the air. He invited me go for a trail but since I barely had a good sleep the past days I refused. I regret the part of refusing for a fun ride at the trails with my mountain bike.

What can I do I'm a human who needs a rest. I headed back to bed and what do you know after just a while I was dreaming of trail riding on a downhill course somewhere I've never been.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Out of the Bar

It's been a week since I haven't touch my handlebar for a cruise, busy days of business has piled up and cats and dogs were knocking our roof because of typhoon Frank. Nothing much to say about my cruising and playing with trails and wheels of mountain biking.

New parts are available at shop but I have no time to stop over and look and touch for it. Sigh....I'm still engage with my piled up paperworks and my plan to apply for a driver's license. Our raider is stagnant for break end, I just put a few hundreds of kilometers on it. I want to finish the break end by end of July so as to use it with my business and mountain biking deals.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Cruising to Navilan

Just early this morning while I was cleaning the computer room Sgt. Major came by and ask me to come with him and the others to scout the mountain bike cross country trail for the city's coming anniversary in a rush expression. I said I'll chase 'em cause I haven't had my breakfast and immediately I rushed into the kitchen and ate some bananas and drink a glass of milk just to have unempty stomach.

After gearing up I rushed immediately to the starting line and I just arrived just in time as the group started the cruise. We started at a li'l muddy trail and then to rocky one's and when we arrived somewhere in the quarry where about one minute downhill we post for a picture taking before proceeding and I rushed down the hill after the go signal and waited for the others at bridge.

After the bridge was about 400 meters of uphill, it's where I almost lost my strength and energy. As we reached the to top we rested for about 10 minutes before proceeding. The following trail was not that technical but was muddy and full of soil eroded holes.

The sun was high when we finished the cruise and almost time for lunch, the commanding general thank everyone who came with the cruise and we all departed by group from the camp.

The trail was a bit short bu I had fun even though, because it was my first time to take the trail.

Friday, June 6, 2008

From Standard to 31.8

Code name Zagatrix asked if I have something to buy for my mountain bike because he was going go for window shop at the south bike shops for his dh rig. I gave him one thousand bux as budget for a dh handlebar for my freeride rig.

After 48 hours he came back with a 31.8 riserbar with the big "T". It was a nice high end part for a second hand price. Just lately I had time to install after two months due to unavailability of stem for the handlebar. I made a road test just this afternoon and made few adjustment of the angle and hight of the handlebar so as to compensate the feel from my old handlebar.

Now I have a better feeling with my new handle bar a li'l more away from breaking of the standard size handlebar.