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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trail Ride to Watershed Part IV - "Wet and Wild"

After the muddy trail we crossed this river and got our shoes and pants wet! There goes the buffalo that made all the muddy shit!

Following this trail will lead us to the pumping station!

The sun was high but the air was cool here! A perfect place for a biker date! Gosh I wish We could stumble over a bunch of girls having picnic! ^-^

Weeeeeee so quite here! All I can hear are birds chirping, bees buzzing and mosquito leaking my legs!

Here is the coconut plantation, farmers here rely very much with coconut and coconut is the most populated plant in this area!

On the next stop would be at the pumping station and the washing spree!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Time Out for Today!

Once there was myspace and friendster, social networks where members get to find friends and share everything under the sun like pictures, blogs, comments backgrounds and others. Now here comes WaiverWire Beta a social network based on football sports theme, spearheads a online real time fantasy football player and team news and is also distributed via text messages or emails.

Get statistics and analysis from other fantasy players online or get to monitor the scores.
Some of what they offer to create the Ultimate Fantasy Football Experience:
  • A user friendly social networking platform with fully customizable profiles
  • Functional for users that are used to Traditional Social Networking sites
  • Over 100 News Sources for you to customize your Profile Page
  • Upload your Fantasy Teams or League for analysis
  • Stat Analysis Software
  • Blogging and Message Boards
  • Play-by- Play Stat Updates
  • Player Comparison Charts
  • A Guru Status score based on recorded answers in our weekly spread/player projection quiz
  • The Edge – Real Time Injury Updates, Players, Level 1, and Level 2 Alerts to your mobile phone or inbox
  • War Room - Create your own Advisory Business
We live only once, and the chance to experience what Waiver wire dot com is just a click away!


Monday, October 27, 2008

Trail Ride to Watershed Part 3 - "Kiss of Earth"

After The hammering trail at the quarry that looks like a desert of Luth Golein, Here we entered the forest of Kurast, the trail is partly loss rock at the gate but purely mud at the middle and all the way to the river bank!

Cracks on the trails like this one is a result of soil erosion, and are deadly at high speed!

Here Comes the Catfish at slow speed! Feeling expert! ^^ you know why? So feeling he just wore a stupid slipper on this trail ride and keeps on complaining his feet keeps on slipping from the pedal!

Here is our bikes showered with mudshit - mixture of mud and cow shit!

On the next post The way to the water pump and the river bank! Thanks for Viewing!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Trail Ride to Watershed Part 2 - "Hammered"

After the bushy trail, loss rocks and gravel trail was ahead, this is the remnants of quarrying long time ago. The bright side, the trail keeps on changing everytime heavy rain visits the place. A perfect training ground for a rock garden handling!

And we stumble over this smelly land mines (cow and carabao shit)! ^^ Plenty of mines of this kind are scattered here.

And the Three Musketeers Are making their post! Say Mooooo!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Trail Ride to water shed Part 2

Today I would like to post about the trail ride at the watershed as much as I love to, but Rada just texted the Catfish to trail ride again at the same route! Oyens will be coming with us - one of our biker friend just arrived from Davao for a sembreak!

So I'm gonna postponed the part two post for today! ^^ I'll post it tonight! Ok

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Trail Ride to Lomboy Water Shed Part 1

I woke late today (again). I really don't want to rise up from the bed, I wanted to sleep more the whole day. Upon hearing Rada's voice and asking Kelvin to trail ride to Lomboy water shed. It was like a bucket full of cold water splashed all over my body that I immediately got up and asked them to wait up! ^_^.

I asked Rada to join me for a li'l lunch (li'l - a salted egg and a plate of rice) cause he told me that he haven't had his lunch and he just escaped from his mother's eyesight and loved to take a trail ride upon seeing for passenger jeepneys full of business students heading at the watershed for a tree planting. (-_- there goes his sweetness again)So he was a bit interested with those cute girls at the water shed, and partly so am I! ^__^

This is the first stop of the trail, it's where the trail really begins! ^^


Rada "The Escaper"

Aerrox "The Sleeper"
Kelvin "The Pogtet - Catfish" (Wahahahaha - see that mustache? looks like a catfish)

On My Mark! Ready!

I said Ready MR. Catfish not yet go!....

.... Get Set! Go!

Monday, October 20, 2008

d30 Technology

I was surfing the net at pinoymtbiker, and I stumbled over this piece of technology that is now applied with MTbike armors and protection pads.

"d3o™ (dee-three-oh) Intelligent Shock Absorption pads are anatomically molded to cover the shoulder, tricep, elbow and forearm like a protective soft exoskeleton. d3o™ has molecules that flow when you move but reactively lock together on impact to absorb the shock energy. The intelligent molecules in d3o™ dynamically respond to varying levels of pressure. At low levels, d3o™ provides maximum comfort, and at high levels, maximum shock absorption. This means you can forget about your protection, and concentrate on your performance. Once pressure is lifted, d3o™ is soft and flexible, giving you complete freedom of movement. The reaction is instant and repeatable. The material’s expandable molded shape is configured to promote air passage for improved breathability." - Thanx to BigBoy of and dhreno for the info.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Organ Donor Spotted!

I found this question at Pinoymtbiker forum post by Supreme. And I find it worth sharing to bikers and friends!

What do you call a cyclist who doesn't wear a helmet?

An organ donor. ~David Perry~


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tioga DH Factory

I had this handle bar for 3 months in my closet I was keeping this one in my closet for some future needs. And currently I need it, I need to sell this one for a monetary support. I haven't abuse this bar, it was just about a week before I replaced this one with a 31.8 Holzfeller bar.

I bought this item from Davao city for about $16. I'm selling this bar for $12 to my co-MTbikers who are into XC. The bar has a rise good enough to be applied with XC setup.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Upcoming Anniversary Mountainbiking Contest

The military division on our area is going to held it's anniversary by end of this month and they are going to sponsor a 2 hour mountain bike trail contest for the military and civilian riders. The registration was about $4.

We scouted the trail the other day to find out how technical the trail was. The trail was not that complicated if you are going to take along with you a freeride rig!

Happily I have a freeride rig, if I will join the contest I have the chance of leaving my opponents behind at the downhill portions, where the trail is full of holes and rocks dug by flash flood during rainy days.

My only problem, a new set of tires and the registration!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The New Truvativ HammerSchmidt

This is a new Technology on mountainbiking cranks that will turn all eyes on in the market by December!

Check out how it works! I only hope this piece of technology won't hurt my pocket! @_@

If all is well, I'm gonna buy my own set!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Handle Grips

I just replaced my handle grips with new pair of Aerozine Grips, it's a li'l expensive compared to my old Specialized Grips, the Capital S was comfy but durability is not that good! A friend told me to try Aerozine's if I'm after the lifespan. So here it is, let's see whose tough under Aerrox's weathering test!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bull Shit!

I was ab it bored today inside the command center, so when sir Paduit asked me if I could come with him and a friend for a trail ride down the river on a new route. I said yes, and hurried on to change gear!

It was only three of us, but upon reaching the point where the new trail starts, a biker who happens to be a friend of ours was also their. So the trail ride was expedite by four riders from the sun! ^^ the start was so bumpy and a whole lot of holes (Expected on a hillside terrain where soil erosion is distinct! At the middle of the trail was a bunch of land mines (Cow and Bull shits). I never mind much those mines, the high speed semi rough trail after a 15 minutes of push push was the climax of the trail!

It was a very fun trail ride for about an hour! And what did I got home? Smiling FACE :D and a bunch of bull shitsssss! ^___^ Just Imagine how I smell and look by the ass!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fox Jersey


Originally this Jersey caused $53 but I bought it for only $31 due to a li'l defect, a small run at the arm which is not very obvious and I found it practical to buy the Jersey at a lesser price! ^^

I tried the Jersey on a 8km Full Throttle to the city, this jersey is good it's like conductive textile, I don't get overheat and the sweat doesn't stay on the textile long it settles at the bottom and dries fast!

Very perfect for my Fox Digit Gloves

Hmmmm..... I'm wondering where can I buy a Fox Full Face Helmet!!! ^_^