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My Mountain Biking Hobby is my Back Door and Entrance for Unexpressed Emotions and Uncontrolled Feelings for Seeking Thrill and Because Mountain Biking Takes me to a Place Something Unusual of the Real World!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rendezvous At 5:00am

Me, Yop and Pogs had a plan to have a dawn biking to downtown the problem was, Everyone was a Dream team. Hayzzz...... Dreaming all the way to 12 noon!!! ^__^.

So we planned again, hoping no one gets to wonderland while waiting for the clock to buzz the air to wake up the sleeping oils!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Wet and Wild Mp3 Player

I've been waiting for a midday rain to test this water proof and shock proof mp3 player from freestyle audio while on a mountain bike at a medium to high speed on a rough terrain. But to no luck no midday or morning rain, since it's been a long week of waiting I decided to test it on a basin of water while shaking it.

The player was submerged for 30 minutes with gradual and alternate shaking as a shock and pressure

As you can see here the player is still lit and functional....

As of this moment I highly recommend this mp3 player to all sports enthusiast who love to take their music with them while in motion! But still I want to try this under the rain on a two wheeled mountain bike.....

Another Neophytes Trail Ride

Last Sunday me and Zagatrixx and a couple of neophytes went for a Rookie climb to North Upi first checkpoint.

This is Zagatrixx checking one of the bikes for Bax.

Here is Bax and Yop ready to roll out. It was Bax's first mountainbiking experience and her excitement started right after she was invited for this trail ride last night and in fact she the first one wake up early and knock on my door to wake me up! ^^

Ath the frist ascend she was still lively with first push....

And the second push and Post....

And sit and sit and sit.... ^^

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Kinesis Dual Slallom

I went to the local bike shop this morning and found this new frame that my friend has been telling me for days, it was really awesome and quite lighter compared to my old Dual Slalom Mosso. This frame cost about US$200 at the local bike shop. Sigh... I have have to find budget for this one, this kind of frames are rare at our place.

This is KD 415

This one here is the the drop out of the KD 515, somehow the same with the KD 415 except the dual purpose drop outs and the Bottom bracket has a Integrated Chain Guide mounting tabs.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Kinesis Transition

A friend told me about a new Hardtail Frame Available at Bisikleta, its a Kinesis Freeride or a Dirt Jump Frame, hmmm I'm gonna check it out tommorrow, anyone in the biking community used any of Kenesis HT frames??? ^^