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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cleared for Take Off

This blog has just got approve for social spark post! it's rock and roll! ^__^

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

One! Two! Three!

I had a good time yesterday at the pit stop while listening to Linkin Park's songs: Somewhere I belong and Runaway. So good that after enjoying my bottle of beverage and a couple of rice bread, I just walk on home without paying my order! ^^. Will I just paid everything this morning....

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Another Sunday Ride

After buying grocery stuff yesterday 27 July 2008, I rush on home upon seeing the dark gray sky at the horizon towards my hometown. I was excited at that moment because I was eager to take a trail ride under the rain.

Upon my arrival I was a bit hungry, so I rushed to the kitchen and ate my lunch while waiting for the rain to drop.

After finishing my meal I prepared my bike and gear and all of the sudden the rain came down like cats and dogs unexpectedly, the sky was still a bit bright. Nevertheless I rushed out of the gate and pedaled my bike to the mountains!

While on way, my smile was changed into dismay when the rain stopped after a few seconds, I cried out loud at the sky why oh why! I haven't even got my underwear wet. I pedaled on to Dimapatoy river even without the rain, anticipating that it will come back.

At the base of the mountain near the river I found a friend washing his motorcycle. We talked about our previous experience regarding trail riding and our future plans with mountain biking while I was waiting for the rain.

The was turning dark again after a few minutes so I bade my friend goodbye and I went on back to the trail uphill. As I reached the top no rain came, so decided to go on home as the sun was heating up the sky. Upon arriving home a friend with his bike was waiting for me and asked me for a trail. I told I won't if the rain won't come back!

He decided to wait for the rain with me, and while waiting we decided to take a shot of red horse beer at the nearest friendly store. After consuming two liters another two biker friends came and together we waited for the rain while killing 3 liters of red horse.

We were all dizzy then when rain shower start to sprinkle our blushing faces! We grabbed our bikes and head on trail without paying our bill! The store is really friendly I used to buy here while on for a trail without money and just pay everything after the ride.

We had fun drag racing around the village under the rain shower with heads floating in the air. it was about 4 in the afternoon when we had enough and all were grasping for air thirsty lungs. We were so noisy at the bakery while having a snack.

After that fun ride one by one we bade goodbye to each other and hoping for another fun ride with a li'l more heavy rain! The heavier the better! "Ride Fast! Ride Smart! Ride Free!"

Friday, July 25, 2008

Music Plus Trail

Most of time I go out for a trail ride alone, so i decided to buy my self a pocket size mp3 player. This one was a bit expensive for its capacity but it was the only player I found at the mall, but this one is cheaper compared to an Apple ipod, and it works like an ipod.

I downloaded some of my favorite musics in it, like Linkin Park's and Metallica's hit songs. The music plays good but not as good as the original ipod. I have replaced the earphones due to damage from crashes.

Trail riding with music is fun try it!

Monday, July 21, 2008


It was already eight in the evening when I was at bakery listening on a rock music by Linkin Park the Runaway.

"I wanna run away Never say goodbye I wanna know the truth
Instead of wondering why I wanna know the answers
No more lies I wanna shut the door And open up my mind."

I found these lyrics interesting that I wanted to bang my head with the song while listening! And I guess I got carried away very much and when I was on my bike on my way home, I drove my bike at full speed even at the dark streets on our black. I guess it was the hidden adrenalin that came loss after listening the music!

Yeah I made it home safe, Thanks to God! Because after that ride I realized that I wasn't wearing my helmet and it was a disaster If got hit with the big rock at the side walk.

But it was fun! ^-^.....

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Digital Fox

This was my best cycling gloves ever, and I'm still using it. Although a bit expensive, but it's worth it. This pair of gloves already took me as far as Tacurong city and at the top of Kidapawan mountains, at the Lake Agko.

I have used this gloves with fun ride under the rain. I love to ride my bike under a strong and noisy rain. This gloves gave my hand a lot of protection from scars and bruises from crashes. I am also using this gloves when riding our Raider around the village for a cruise or business ralated agenda.

Fox produces a lot of good and quality items, I wanted to purchase the Fox jersey at bisikleta later after replacing my busted derailleur.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Do that Dew!

After a trail or just a cool cruise with my Two wheels and two legs, I take a short stay here and doin' my dew, sometimes overload sometimes light. I don't know what's with this dew that I find it very good unto my tongue especially when it's chilled enough, not too cold not warm, Just enough to kill the heat after a ride.

This is my usual spot every afternoon, a spot for a snack break, spot for a loud and aggressive music. I love to listen to rock music here because no one's gonna yell at you when you put the volume at max! Metallica, Linkin Park... and alternatives such as Simple Plan, Greenday....

Sunday, July 13, 2008


My busted derailleur, dis-aligned lower pulley and roller. this item cost about $50 in our town. I find it expensive to fix for now because I'm a bit saving for my lap-top, but lately I find my self a li'l weakening having no trail riding for a week. I guess I have to find a way to fix this part, I'm planning to shoot for the Dimapatoy Expedition Pt. 3. and I half to have my bike up and running well for a good trail ride and thrill with the shooting day!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Shell of Second Life

The last time I had a crash landing, it was not a tragic one it was because of my protective gear on my head. If I wasn't wearing this shell I would have lost half of my face! I just had bruises and small shallow wounds on my left knee and leg.

I bought this shell for just 2k from its original price of 4k, yeah it's just a second hand item but the purpose and the protection it gave me, priceless! Ride Fast! Ride Free! Ride Smart people!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

What Goes Up, Must Come Down

Yesterday afternoon during my day off, I decided to take a trail up and down the hill of Dimapatoy watershed. Prepared my gear, water and my mountain bike then I hit the road at low speed.

Randomly taken pictures on my way to the small river (^^....) after two ictures or I was caught by excitement to drive the high speed down hill track, forgotten that I was out of the bars for a month, I put on my helmet and slide down the track at high speed. I forgot I was not a pro and much more I haven't seen the latest face of the trail, since the terrain here changes every time there is strong rain.

With excitement and thrill flooding my head I was about at the end of the trail when stumble over a small ramp that send my bike about 2 meters above the ground (It wasn't this high before T_T.....) and upon landing my front wheel hit a loose rock that made my handle bar tilt about 30 degrees and send me and my bike to the rocky side of the trail. Glad I wore my helmet that my head is still intact without a scratch!

Shaking but smiling in pain I picked my bike and checked for damaged if I can still finish the trail. The bike suffered from a loose cogs and deformed derrailleur (Damn those parts worth 5k! T_T), while I suffered from minor bruises and wounds, but all is well.

I finished the trail and took pictures of the watershed that use to be our picnic site until now. On my way home I was a bit in pain and pushing my bike to get a first aid at home!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Dimapatoy Expedition Pt. 2

Calming my self at the base of the mountain while watching these sites and taking pictures of these spots. We use to have picnic here back when we were still young and mountain bike was still in the age of prehistoric era! This place was a summer spot for many of the villagers here.

Some more good spots where at the base of the pumping station, every weekends people gather here from the village from the city. There was a very big difference of this place compared before plenty of renovation and natural changes makes the place perfect for a monthly adventure trail!

The Dimapatoy Expedition Pt. 1

It's been weeks since I didn't have a good post here at my mountain biking pod, so I decided to take a trail and bring along my camera and take some pictures to put here and add some life and a li'l of fun for my mountain biking readers and searchers (^_^...).

I took a couple of stop along the way and took some pictures of the terrains and mountains. Good thing that today the sun was high and the air was cool, and as well as my head was cool even with the full face helmet on.

I wasn't expecting for any drastic or something rough with my trail. But there's a saying that says "Expect the unexpected" but I wasn't expecting that time while running down the trail at high speed I had a crash landing about one hundred fifty meters from the end of my trail. Almost there but the rough trail caught me in a twist of crashes with my head on the bush and pile of rocks.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

New Seasons

The Collective Disorder new video titles seasons was amazing. I was out from rigid or long hours of biking this days when the school days started, I'm stocked here at the computer room with computer works. The training ground of the bikers where good and very rare here at our lace, I wish I could have a chance to ride with those cool trails.

(Sigh)....I wanted to upgrade my rig but budget tells not this time! =( I hope that soon I'll have a very good fortune with my blogs so as to have time with my biking hobby and put more on this page a lot of fun faces and places of mountain biking....