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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bike for Peace

I had my first bike for PEACE last year with the general of the military division that resides in our village and with the archbishop of the nearest city and together with other 300 (if i'm not mistaken) more mountainbikers of Central Mindanao, Philippines it was my first long distance ride with two wheels and two legs.

Recently before the mountain bike challenge at the Midsayap starts the organizer announced the upcoming Bike for PEACE this coming December 1. The good news is it's on Monday, the bad news is I can' t come!

Sigh..... my schedule is stocked to weekdays hoping some schedule will change by tomorrow!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Recent Upgrades

I recently bought this saddle at a local bike shop here for about $35 USD. I decided to purchase this saddle because it's a bit cheaper compared to specialized body geometry which is 3x the price but have almost the same features! I installed the saddle before the race last Sunday so as to eliminate my few problems with my old saddle in a long race.

This one here is a Polar insulated water bottle and a pair of Truvativ Holzfeller pedals. I bought this online for about $65USD + $22USD of shipping. I used my paypal to buy this upgrades and currently I'm saving for a Thomson Elite X4 stems and a Thomson Masterpiece sitpost!

Fun Ride B

After the registration I got my self a number 306 Fun Ride C plate number.

I wanted to take more photos of the people the place and the bikes but the rain was making it's way through the whole course just as the race is going to start, I decided to live the camera at the vehicle to keep it from getting wet and damage! Sad to say just as we finished a li'l parade and around the town and started the race, the rain stopped! #_#

The race was a disaster for me! I found out that If you wanted to win this kind of race, one must be well prepared of at least two months of practice! We were competing with speed and endurance in about 32km race course!

I didn't win under my category, but I learned something on my first race and I had fun and the best part I finished the whole course without getting collapsed or overheat or flat tires and I wasn't the last racer to finish the race! ^___^

Friday, November 21, 2008

My First Competition

I was bit lazy blogging the past few days! But recently I received a sort of invitation for a coming mountainbiking competition at Midsayap. So I was practicing the past few days after the ride from the beach!

This would be my first competition, but I will be in the fun run category. The competition would be a cross-country theme but I will be bringing my freeride rig since I don't have a XC setup.

Hoping to wake early tomorrow for a last practice. The game will be this coming Sunday. Anticipating for a place at the top 10! ^-^

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Weekend Special - 1

Last Saturday we were planning for a trail ride at the watershed but with other route, and while the escaper and I were talking about the route, the catfish keeps on playing with his water bottle like a baby bottle!

While we were resting after the first climb the goons changed plan and set the course to the motocross practice course.

And I said FSA!

Here I stand where I can see everything, the catfish, the escaper and the motocross riders who were practicing with handling and climbing!

Catfish: This is to high for a drop! I think I'll have to roll down

Aerrox: Slow down Mr. Escaper so as I can take a good shot! (#_#, I said slow down! See didn't caught your face)

Aerrox: Take a shot when my feet is on the pedal!
Escaper: Roger that!
Aerrox: Very good, simple follow cannot instruction!

After the motocross spot, we head on to the airport and did some simple old schol tricks like a power wheelie and manual! And while I was doing this....

The Catfish was doing this clown act! -_-

After a While the rain was trying to pull her trick, so we head on to the bakery for a shelter and snack!....

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Trail Ride To Watershed part 7 - "A Few Good Men"

These are the few guys we met at the watershed having a picnic. Some of them are not unknown to me. We a li'l short with the packed food and these guys gave us some broiled bananas as an additional food for the hungry riders in exchange for a shot of hard liquor that smells like gasoline called tanduay.

Here is your banana Aerrox! ^__^

After the eating and relaxation under the cool shades of the trees at the watershed, we head on home for a relaxing rest and sleep for the night! @_@

Friday, November 7, 2008

2nd Break Before the Trail Ride Ending

These are the first photos of my MTbike with my new camera. I have other first photos at my freelance blog, care to see? ^^

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Todays menu

After the long post of the trail ride at watershed the reach part 6 I decided to take a break with the post, actually it's not yet finish the last post would be at part seven! ^__^

Last night I made a shopping online at beyondbikes for the third time, it's my largest sum of shopping online so far. It took me 142$ of items and shipping charges. A friend of mine requested me to buy him a rockshox bushing and seal kit that cost about 34$, I added up my items to cut a li'l of the shipping between his items and mine. Originally I wanted to buy that x4 elite Thomson stem and Truvativ Holzfeller pedals, but since the budget was not enough I decided to slash the stem and change it with a insulated water bottle!

The shopping last night was a bit disaster, I forgot to pile all the money in my Paypal account, thus the excess charges was charged to the credit card T_T!

Nevertheless ^^ I'm so excited to have the items at hand and put it on my bike! It takes 10 to 15 days for the package to arrived at hand. I'll take pictures of it and post it here.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trail Ride to Watershed Part VI - "Tattooed Mem'ries"

After the bit of rest, the Catfish and the Escaper washed their rigs first. I was taking their pictures while they were talking about those cute gals around.
Most of the local tourist present that day were students from a business college at NDU. Plenty of chix and plenty of big and bulky gays (#-#)!
After their power wash, it was my turn to wash my rig and clean it up from muddy shit and stocked twigs and leaves!

After the whole washing session we were reminiscing of the trail ride that we just went through and taking pictures of the place and the people around, while drinking our energy dink called cobra!
Here is one of the people we met that day, scary ^-^ yet friendly caretaker named Marcos!
His back is full of scary tattoos like his face! ^_^