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My Mountain Biking Hobby is my Back Door and Entrance for Unexpressed Emotions and Uncontrolled Feelings for Seeking Thrill and Because Mountain Biking Takes me to a Place Something Unusual of the Real World!

Friday, November 11, 2011

1st Trail Ride

Though I've riding trails with my friends on a mountain bike, today's ride was the first time where we rolled single tracks with a group of more than 10 riders. Though the pace was slow, it was full of track side story about trails. It was a lot of push at the beginning, but after the decent those sweat taking climbs was something to remember with words "It was worth It" :).

Monday, October 17, 2011

Bike Financing

Ever since I learned about genuine parts and brands of mountain bikes, I already knew that it will take something to finance my hobby. Other than sponsorships, I knew that I must find other means, options or any other way to continuously enjoy my hobby. Genuine parts at my location are scarce, if you could find one, they either sell it expensive or a second hand deal. Though the internet is flocked with online stores to maximize option in hunting for best deals for these genuine parts. I will be needing the Best Business Credit Cards also.

With the evolution of technology applicable to mountain biking, parts are getting lighter and durable. But as the excitement grows, so as inflation. It is like a tag that says "Prices are subject to change without prior notice". And waiting for the year end sales is always on the list to get the best parts of the current season. If you want to be in pace with the technology, you got to have a good funding. And thank you Lord I found mine! There is my wife who is so supportive, my blogging and my home based small scale business that is giving me the resources that is helping me to enjoy my mountain biking. Though everything is not easy money, I just consider it a challenge that is giving me the reason to value all the outcome of our efforts. :)

Diabolous de Second

I've been using this unknown brand of stem on my mountain bike, and ever since it was installed I never had a problem with its functionality. But over time I was dreamin to have a Thomson or a Raceface stem on my bike to make sure that my parts are designed for my style.

After 5 years with my unknown eagle stem, got a good call for a good old but new model Race Face Diablolous 2 stem at a price affordable than Thomson. To my surprise it is even lighter on my bike than in my pocket. ^^

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Board and Lodging

Looking for a place to park your two wheeled machine and a thrilled rider on a alien city like San Francisco. One may be interested with this so called san francisco vacation rentals list. Though Such city is really and alien to me, I want to try it someday, after all mountain biking is really more exciting on a alien territory. The word exploration gets really used up sprinkled with fun most especially peace and order situation is a two thumbs up. And if you have a web tool such as this San Francisco Vacation rental list, the pain of all after leisure loss coins is a thing of the past.

I always wish that the evolution in mountain biking is not only focus with the machines, ramps, trails and riders but also with everything that is connected to it. As long as it has a significant factor no matter how small. It may be with nature, economic or political factor. If this factors are in pace with the evolution of our sport, then our biking community would not only be a community of bikers but a community of bikers for the community! Just a cool wind of airbnb in the atmosphere!

Missing Route

It's almost a month since the last time we took a ride on one of the best newbie downhill trail in our village. It was a trail that we explored on foot that also bestowed some unlikely looks of nature being raped! Though that part of sight seeing is none of our great concern I just hope that people at this vicinity would realize that this mountain is dying due to rampant illegal logging and "Kaingin".

As for the bikers who had fun on this session, they paid the entrance ticket with a kilometer of push and lift! :)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ellsworth 2011

I have seen this frame before, and I am seeing it again. This kind of bike setup is one of the most awkward and ridiculous setup I have seen. Though looking at it now, engineers of this frame are chasing for the extra torque from the rear wheel as it travels a circular path and pushing the shock at the other end. With physics, they are really up to something. But the looks, it really is a funny setup. It looks like a malnourished cow with protruding pelvic bones. Peace! :)

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Today was a lousy day for a trail ride. The trail was too muddy to ride and everyone where sleepy to imagine how our tires will go fattened. It would have been better if it was raining. After a flat tire on short downhill run, we then decided to go to a bakery for a pandesal session at the airport waiting area pavement. With a few chit chats and bunny hopping we had the expected sweat enough awake sleeping beauties!Though today's ride was a bit boring from the start, it all went fun after a few muscle workout with bar lifts. Hoping tomorrow is a rainy morning for a wet and muddy ride! :)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Lost - Season 1

Yesterday was a bit of a wacky finding our way out of the forest. We head to and fro on different directions only to find our way out was a back-trail.

The end of the ride was fun after enjoying some shitty talks on the trail of getting lost plus a chasing daddy cow! The grass where tall and sharp edged. Though I had lots of minor cuts and bruises that hurts, what hurts the most is to see this part of the forest being abused by local farmers!

I just hope that some parts of these forest be preserved for the future generations of humans and animals alike.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


It is always fun and exciting to watch shows at any sports channel that cater shows of extreme sports like the X-Games. Most of the time me and my friends take a tour on the web to watch videos of mountain-biking, but during winter it is not unknown to all extreme games fan that snowboarding is also a spot that worth the wait to watch.Though our geographical location prohibits us to enjoy snow sports, we get to enjoy watching their shows online. Like any other extreme-sports it has the spice of thrill and excitement, the only thing that hinders me to enjoy snowboarding to its sweetest peak, I live on a tropical country. A place where snowboarding is a myth!

Nevertheless we all have our own taste of the dish, and the most important is that we all enjoy our challenging and adrenalin pumping sports, whether under the beating of the elements of the mother nature or in a indoor park for an all weather proof venue for a snake session. And never forget to wear your safety gears
ski helmets
for snow sports, full face helmets for mountain-biking and pads as a general purpose safety gears. Because all Dare devils are not invincible!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

River Cross

A trail ride is never complete without a river crossing! If this river was a shin deep I would have pedaled my way out, but since it was nearly hips in depth, we decided to carry the earth! The only frustrating part of this session, was the camera man! Damn kid, wait for my outdoor cam and you'll never have to take pictures with this shitty quality, ^_^. But over all the session was fun and worth the extra push we made to the top.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Real Leads

Nowadays the usual trend when a Realtor gets into business, they are starring on a blank piece of paper while holding a pen and doesn't know where to start. They are confused and undecided on what needs to be done. Just like a piece of wood drifting on the ocean. Not just because most of these realtors are either new or are misguided, but because they lack the assistance of common guides like expired leads and FSBO leads. Or if they have do have such assistance, they are either late or on the worst on the wrong agents.

At this point in time where it takes only a few seconds to access certain information that you need with the use of the internet. Professional agents on the fields of real estate can be of great help for your business at the best possible value of your time and money. The assistance that these listing agents can give, are not only helpful to your planned or established business but are vital to the whole operation as well. Hence it is important that you know where to look and who to trust. Because time is gold that vanish like a bubble when you are late!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Unwanted Hiking

Today's Biking turned out to be a hiking. Since it was just a usual cruise biking around our village that went a li'l strange exploration. And all of a sudden I had a plush feeling on my front tires!

OMG! I have a flat front tire!!!.

I was to forced to push my bike for the next hour of 2km rugged terrain to home, because of my stupidity of not taking patch kit and pump with me!!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Black Cat

At Last after months of saving for this frame, I finally have it in my garage. I am just waiting for the chain guide to put this frame into my usual trail ride. Can't wait to try my Black Cat Setup. ^^

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

One Reason I was out of the trails the past few weeks was. I was dismantling Aerox to fit in its parts to HellJr (Kinesis - KD515). And now I am selling Aerox (Mosso - Dual Slalom) to buy a new Fox 36 Vanilla Fork.

I'll be posting HellJr when everything is done. I am still waiting for my bottom bracket tool so as I can continue installing the Race Face Crank set with hollow tech.

Monday, May 23, 2011

From 160 to 203

After experiencing a very good braking performance from a 180mm disk rotors, I then decided to try the 203mm disk brake rotor. And as expected, this rotor performed better breaking at high speed. Though the rotor is not a valuable brand, its performance was reliable enough.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Rhythm on the Road

It took a month to put this wheel set ready and running due to some technical difficulties. I had to wait for the right type of tubes to be available at the LBS. I also had a difficult time deciding if I should buy my desired tire size even though the available tires are not of the same type. Most importantly I don't have a thru axle fork for the front wheel, that is why I am only using the rear set. ^^

At the first crank, I heard the spokes stretching and scratching side by side. After a few more kicks everything was silent, except for the sweet sound of the pawls inside the hub! And then the rest was a part of history of my fun time....

Friday, April 22, 2011

Bontrager Rhythm Elite

After a month of waiting and day dreaming I finally have this wheel set for my planned single speed setup. A month from now she will soon hit the pavements of our local airport with the BMX dudes. I am sure she will be an apple of their eyes, a 26 inches single speed setup. I bet Lagum will decide to shift to this rig!!! Yum Yum Yum!!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

First Pinch Flat of 2011

Pinch Flat!!! One of the most disappointing experience one can ever had when you are in the middle of delicious medium to high speed downhill on a rock garden!!! But today's experience is one of the most disappointing phenomenon in my entire cruise biking life!!!

It was already dusk when we head to my usual hiking trail, "but of course, that day we brought our mountainbike with us". And at the climax of the trail and the most delicious part, I was accelerating as I enter the rocky section of the trail at 35 degrees steepness, my chain snapped and my rear tire went puff!!! And after a while while waiting for the other crew to pass after me, Jeby was also successful in obtaining a pinch flat, not only one tear but five tears on his tubes on the same spot!!! The only good part on today's trail ride was, one of the crew brought with him a pack of patch with paste!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

30.9 Sit Post

I have been looking for this sit post for 40 years (not literally)! Though the length is not really good for my Trials setup but it is the best solution for my sit post problem! It is an ABR sit post, it is a bit pricy for its brand name but nevertheless a lot of local bikers do support and agree this product is good. So I then pulled out my crappy old wallet and paid the item, went straight home, took some pictures and installed it and zoooom! Went on to do some pedal kicking lesson! ^__^

^_^ Ohh yeah! The next target is the single speed Bontrager hub!!!! Found one at a LBS - Bikelab at Cagayan De Oro City! Though I am a fan of freeride and downhill, I was with BMX park bikers the past few weeks, so I decided to setup my HARO V3 into a trials park hybrid rig!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

2.3 to 2.1

Though the numbers don't have so much difference, I am still hesitant to change my old Nokian Gazalodi tires. But because nature calls, I am going to try these new Panaracer Fire XC Pro tires. Though I am not sure that these tires are good for freeride, I am going to give it a try since it is the cheapest yet good quality tires available at the LBS.

Friday, February 18, 2011


Just a follow up about my Clark's Disk Brake Rotor.

It is now working as it should, it just need a few abrasion of the pads so as to work fine. Did forget the XT calipers were brand new so us the pads and was mistaken that there was something wrong with one of the brake parts.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Bike Jackers Beware

One of the best news in Philippine Sports and Lifestyle interest of Phillippine politicians is the crackdown on bike jackers headed by Ms. Pia Cayetano. This a very good gun point to PNP not to disregard robbery of bikes in any part of the Philippine archipelagos' specially of mountainbikes! I just hope that this campaign is not limited on Metro Manila only, and that Ms. Cayetano will also push through this mandate be implemented in the whole country!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Clark's Failed

This Disk Brake Rotor Failed me not only once but thrice. I am not sure if the problem is with Shimano XT Calipers or with this rotor.... I am currently trying hard to find out what is the cause why my front brakes with this rotor does not rip well!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Floor Pump

I Just bought my first floor pump from Corpo Cycle a LBS in our area. I was hesitant to buy this pump at first sight because of plan to buy a new hub and tires for my wheel set. but since I gave my old handy pump to a friend, I later on decided to buy this pump so as I can use it for bike repair jobs at home.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Freeride Lapierre

La Pierre caught my eyes ever since the release of their prototype DH Frame, and after seeing it in action. It was one of the dream frame that shook the DH community after the Gear Box craze. I just wish that La Pierre will design a freeride frame with the same look of a DH frame.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Trials with Ryan Leech

After Watching Ryan Leech with his Static 360 Degrees Trick I feel in-love with trials again. Though this bike doesn't really look very much of a trials bike, I had so much fun pulling the trick out for myself. I just keep on watching this video at youtube and taking a very good keen look with the movements on how to put this trick into a perfects action!

Monday, January 3, 2011

It's not a Good Day to Bike....

Today's weather is not the usual weather were everyone feels the heat and cool breeze. It feels weakening and biking feels boring. You don't get sweat a lot and you won't get any audience due to a weather with sickening feel.

How I wish I could build my own indoor biking park for everyone to ride even when the sun is on off-duty! ^^

Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's Nice to be Back!

After two years of undefined mountain biking activities. I finally found an exit route from boredom and routine into the trail and wilderness.

With a few bucks on my pocket the entry was with upgrading my mechanical brake system into Hydraulics! Whooorah!

With a few help from friends and kind hearted bike shop owners, I was able to afford a Shimano Deore XT Hydraulic Calipers with Shimano Deore Hydraulic Levers courtesy of Bisikleta and Corpo Cycle. And due to experimental purpose to prove to myself that Clarks' parts are really good or not, I decided to try their 6 bolt disk brake rotors.

Furthermore please excuse the dirt because, I have just tried my Good old bike under the usual ! ^__^