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Monday, October 17, 2011

Bike Financing

Ever since I learned about genuine parts and brands of mountain bikes, I already knew that it will take something to finance my hobby. Other than sponsorships, I knew that I must find other means, options or any other way to continuously enjoy my hobby. Genuine parts at my location are scarce, if you could find one, they either sell it expensive or a second hand deal. Though the internet is flocked with online stores to maximize option in hunting for best deals for these genuine parts. I will be needing the Best Business Credit Cards also.

With the evolution of technology applicable to mountain biking, parts are getting lighter and durable. But as the excitement grows, so as inflation. It is like a tag that says "Prices are subject to change without prior notice". And waiting for the year end sales is always on the list to get the best parts of the current season. If you want to be in pace with the technology, you got to have a good funding. And thank you Lord I found mine! There is my wife who is so supportive, my blogging and my home based small scale business that is giving me the resources that is helping me to enjoy my mountain biking. Though everything is not easy money, I just consider it a challenge that is giving me the reason to value all the outcome of our efforts. :)

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